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About Red Chopsticks

The Founders

RedChopstciks Founders

With over three decades in the restaurant business, both local and international, the renowned owners of longtime Chicagoland favorites, Baisi Thai and Oysy Sushi, bring Red Chopsticks to Aurora.  Their newest endeavor focuses on bringing a unique, upscale approach with down to earth appeal to Northern Chinese (Mandarin) cuisine, with a Pan-Asian flair.By utilizing their years of acquired knowledge, the owners know exactly what a customer wants when it comes to a dining experience:  a comfortable dining area, fresh ingredients, delicious food, and a friendly staff. At Red Chopsticks diners will savor the flavors of Chinese favorites like homemade pot stickers, coconut shrimp rings, and Sweet and Sour Chicken to go alongside such Asian favorites as Pad Thai, Singapore Rice Noodles, and a variety of seafood and vegetarian dishes.  Red Chopsticks aims to be the next standard in Chicagoland eateries.